Fire Protection

Modern buildings incorporate many design features aimed at reducing the risk of fire in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. But there will always be a necessity to install new protection or improve the fire resistance of structures. ACS has a comprehensive range of fire retardant, fire resistant and intumescent paints, coatings and varnishes for most substrates, including interior and exterior timber, steel and plasterboard. All systems are independently tested to BS476, EN13501 or EN1364 amongst others and offer fire protection solutions for shopfitters, architects, surveyors, artists, construction companies, developers, householders, landlords and many others.
We are also involved in the development of new systems or adapting existing systems to meet new demands from industry and construction.

Wood Preservation

Timber is one of the oldest building materials. It can combine incredible strength and flexibility with outstanding beauty in its grain, form and composition. However it can also suffer from the ravages of weather and environment. ACS produce a range of professional and general products designed to protect timber from attack by insects, decay and weather. We have a history of innovation in the field of timber protection and were the first company to produce a constantly rechargeable system of protection. We are also the first company to achieve BPR accreditation for the Borotreat 10P water Soluble Wood Preservative Powder.

Masonry Protection

Masonry, in the form of brick, stone and concrete are highly durable construction materials. These materials form the backbone of the majority of buildings throughout the world, but they are not problem-free. Water penetration, frost and acid rain damage can cause deterioration of the external facades. Internally, recently exposed brick or stonework can look beautiful, but chalking and dusting can be a real problem.
ACS produces an extensive range of Masonry Protection Products, from the MWR 400 Exterior Water Repellent, through the ACS Interior Surface Binder, to the ACS Masonrycote Waterproof Finish; an extremely elastomeric water shedding masonry paint.

Mould Control

Since the oil crisis of the 1970’s, when energy conservation drove us to block fire places, cover ventilators and replace our draughty doors and windows to seal our houses against heat loss, condensation mould has been a problem. In domestic, commercial and industrial buildings where condensation can form, mould will follow. Small black specks slowly develop on walls and ceilings, behind furniture, in bathrooms, kitchens and the corners of little-used rooms. It creeps along, slowly spoiling and disfiguring decorations.
We cannot control the spores, which are prevalent in the atmosphere all the time, but the ACS products can kill and prevent the re-growth of this unsightly blight. The ACS Antimould Paints are some of the only coatings carrying HSE approval as pesticides and a range of sterilizing pre-washes means that combatting mould is no more difficult than re-decorating

Advanced Chemical Specialties (ACS) Ltd manufacture and supply a specialist range of protective paints and materials to protect the built environment, providing a single source of high quality maintenance products and technical expertise.

ACS has extensive knowledge in the specification, use and performance of fire retardant and intumescent paints, masonry and wood preservatives, water repellents as well as hygiene and antimould paints.

The Company works closely with architects, specifiers, utility companies, main contractors and facilities managers to service their requirements such as structural fire protection as well as helping individuals with such problems as fire protection and mould growth in the home.